© Bennett & Fagon Lakes Association Cottage Road Representatives Liaison:  Donna Doelman at deedoelman@gmail.com or call 613-264-1034 Area 1: Connie Sue Stackhouse 2577 Brouse Road stackfampa@aol.com 613-264-2459 Beach Road,  Brouse Road Ennis Road Area 3: Pauline Powell Cy Warner Road 613-264-0580 Cy Warner Road Area 2: Dave Burton 2492 Burton Road dave.r.burton@power.alstom.com Cell: 613-794-5674 Bennett Lake Island, Burton Road, Wilderness Wonderland Area 4: John Wert 613-291-8586 jwert@ymail.com Bova Rd, Eades Ln, Hawkins Rd, Joyce  Crescent Area 6: Susan & Terry Roach susan.m.roach@gmail.com  Amyot Road Arnold T. Drive Birch Bay Line Doran Road Area 5: Opportunity Cyr Point Road Raby Road Ted’s Lane Area 7a: Roberta Hayley 613-268-2360 Burke Lane Meadow Lane Court Area 7c: Al Schoots schoots@sympatico.ca Oak Court & Pine Lane Area 7b: Lana Boode 613-268-2740 lcboode@storm.ca Scott Court Area 8a: Jeannie Gilpin 1925 Hilltop Drive gilpintom@gmail.com 613-264-5403 Hilltop Drive Noel Road Area 8c: Virginia Beckett 146 Arthur Road 613-267-7948 Arthur Road Bennett Lake Road Branch Road Area 8b: Phil Trott ptrott@trytel.com 613-295-8354 New York Lane Osprey Road Area 9: Bill MacPherson 364 Greer Road 613-268-2643 Doran Road, Fagan Lake, Greer Road & McNaughton Road These volunteers help to enhance the enjoyment of our Lakes and encourage us to be better stewards.  The Association relies on their information to keep accurate property records. Whether you are new to the area or have been a member for years, please note the contact person for your area. An e-mail or phone call would be appreciated.  Look for  Canadian flags on their cottage pin numbers to help find their locations.